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Shift Happens is a leading asset creation company in India, specializing in the creation of assets that bring your visual content to life. Our experienced team of artists and designers offers a wide range of asset creation services, including 2D asset creation, 3D asset creation, and 3D model optimization.

Why Does Your Brand Demand Asset Creation Excellence?

  • Boost your brand's impact with stunning 3D assets

  • Secure your position as a market leader with captivating assets

  • Keep customers hooked with interactive experiences

  • Supercharge design and prototyping processes

  • Stand out with mesmerizing virtual tours and demos

Shift Happens: Dominate the new-age digital world with our top-notch Asset production services. At Shift Happens, we specialize in three core services that will revolutionize the way you perceive asset creation:

2D Texture Mapping: Breathing Life into Flat Designs

Enhance your designs with our 2D texture mapping services. We use advanced techniques to create realistic and tactile textures that will make your designs stand out. Our team of experts will work with you to understand your vision and create textures that meet your specific needs. We use a variety of techniques, including procedural algorithms, displacement maps, and normal maps. These techniques allow us to create textures that are both realistic and unique, with micro-surface details that create a tactile illusion.

3D Modeling & Texturing: Where Imagination Takes Shape

Step into a world of pixel-perfect precision with our 3D Modeling and texturing services. We utilize advanced polygonal modeling techniques, carefully defining vertices, edges, and faces to sculpt high-poly 3D representations. From there, we expertly generate low-poly versions optimized for performance. We use high-quality textures and materials to make your virtual objects look and feel realistic by simulating the way light interacts with their surfaces.

Asset Production Services


Crafted with intricate detail, high poly assets are ideal for cinematic visuals, architectural visualizations, and high-fidelity product renderings, making them perfect for industries like film, real estate, and manufacturing.

med poly.png


Striking a balance between detail and efficiency, medium poly assets are versatile and suitable for a wide range of projects. They are commonly used in industries such as automotive, healthcare, and retail, where a balance between visual quality and performance is essential.



Optimized for efficiency, low poly assets are ideal for video games, AR/VR applications, and interactive experiences, allowing smooth performance and quick loading times. Industries such as gaming, education, and marketing can significantly benefit from low poly assets.

3D Optimization: Elevating Performance without Compromise

Unlock the full potential of your assets with our optimization expertise. We optimize data structures and rendering pipelines, ensuring quick loading times and flawless performance across platforms. Our goal is not just to meet your expectations but to exceed them.

From intricate 2D texture mapping to complex forms of 3D model creation, every asset crafted by our experts at Shift Happens reflects our commitment to excellence. We are your go-to 3D asset development company in India, offering the best asset creation services. Contact us today to transform your visual content with our asset creation services


Industries We Can Transform:

Shift Happens: The Obvious First Choice – But Why?


1. Unmatched Realism and Precision: 

Our assets are meticulously crafted, leaving no room for mediocrity - they boast unparalleled realism that sets your brand apart.


2. Rigorous Quality Checks: 

No compromises here - every asset undergoes rigorous quality checks, ensuring only top-tier deliverables make the cut.

3. Your Vision, Our Priority: 

We work exclusively based on your vision and specifications, turning your ideas into mind-blowing digital realities.

4. Embracing the Cutting Edge: 

No room for outdated practices - we harness the latest technology and techniques to produce best-in-class assets.

5. Mastering Versatility: 

From gaming to marketing and beyond, our diverse skill set adapts to conquer every industry challenge.

6. Deadlines are Sacred: 

Time is money, and we value both - expect prompt delivery and a relentless commitment to timelines.

7. Industry Titans at Your Service: 

Seasoned veterans with extensive industry expertise are at your beck and call, providing unrivaled insights.

8. Client Satisfaction: 
Our track record of satisfied clients is not just a claim but an ironclad testament to our dedication to exceeding expectations.

Don't settle for the ordinary. Partner with us now!

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