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Experiential Marketing:

What is Experiential Marketing?

Experiential marketing solutions aren't just about advertisements; it's about creating captivating and memorable interactions. It's the art of giving your audience a taste of your brand's essence through AR content creation, VR content creation, and engaging immersive experience technology. Think of it as a journey where your customers don't just hear about your products – they actually get to engage with them in exciting and unexpected ways.


Why Brands Thrive with Experiential Marketing:

1. Active Engagement: 

Experiential marketing involves audiences in immersive customer experiences that build strong connections beyond traditional methods.

2. Stronger Recognition: 

Engaging experiences lead to better brand recall. Experiential marketing ensures your brand is the one they remember when making decisions.

3. Tangible Returns:
The impact is measurable. Experiential marketing boosts engagement and conversion rates, making it a strategic investment that directly drives profits.

Shift Happens leads the way in making experiential marketing that doesn't just grab interest. 


At Shift Happens, we're the experts in crafting these one-of-a-kind experiences that bring brands to life in ways you've never seen before.

AR VR and XR:

Augmented Reality services(AR), Virtual Reality services(VR), and XR technology are our tools to intertwine the digital with the real. AR content creation overlays digital content onto the real world, VR content creation immerses users in entirely digital environments, and XR technology blends both. These technologies create an immersive experience technology that captivates users, allowing them to interact with digital elements as if they were physically present.

Anamorphic Videos / 3D Billboards:

Anamorphic videos and 3D digital billboards are visual feats that challenge perception. Anamorphic videos use optical illusions to create visuals that shift and transform as viewers change their vantage points. 3D billboard advertising incorporates depth to flat surfaces, grabbing attention and offering an innovative canvas for messaging.


Projection mapping is the art of transforming ordinary surfaces into extraordinary canvases. Through precise projection techniques, we bring static environments to life, creating dynamic visual narratives that surround and engage your audience.


Holograms are not science fiction – they're futuristic displays that project three-dimensional images into space. These captivating visuals mesmerize audiences by creating seemingly tangible objects that exist only in light.

tangible table.jpeg

Launch and Digital Activations:

Our tangible tables, interactive walls, and immersive experiences redefine the way brands are launched. Tangible tables and interactive walls let users manipulate digital content physically, bridging the gap between the physical and digital realms. Immersive engagement turns passive viewers into active participants, creating lasting memories.

Creating Digital Twins:

Digital twins serve as precise virtual replicas of real-world objects and spaces, revolutionizing industries by enabling informed decision-making. With these lifelike replicas, there's no need for physical visits, leading to faster turnaround times and more efficient execution. Our expertise in digital twins technology ensures your brand can seamlessly transition and thrive in this dynamic digital environment.



As the Metaverse takes center stage, brands are seizing the opportunity to enhance immersive customer experience and drive higher conversions. This digital revolution offers an immersive engagement like no other, where the potential for successful conversions soars. We're here to ensure your brand doesn't miss out on this exciting journey into the metaverse experiences.

Tangible Tables and Interactive Walls:

Tangible tables and interactive walls are more than surfaces – they're gateways to immersive engagement. Users physically interact with digital content, turning passersby into engaged participants and forging deeper connections with your brand.


Why Shift Happens is Your Experiential Marketing Partner:

  • Engage profitably.

  • Maximize interaction.

  • Create memorable recognition.

  • Boost identity.

  • Captivate action.

  • Proven success, satisfied clients.

Industries that can benefit from Experiential Marketing

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